The Fighter The Kid 3D

If you listen to our podcast -- and let's be honest, you do -- then you've heard us talk about our new digital show. Well, folks, it's finally here. ORDER NOW! (Disclaimer: Not actually viewable in 3D.) #TFATK3D

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Bryan Callen

Brendan Schaub

"The mother of all web series. You will laugh, love, and live like never before."

- International Academy of Web Series Experts

"Why watch movies and TV? Why read books? Why even raise my kids when I can watch 'The Fighter & The Kid 3D'?"

- President of Hollywood

"To everyone else making a web series, go eff yourself."

- American Council of Digital Scholars

"Entertainment just got a whole lot more entertaining."

- Entertainment Daily
Do us a favor, don't pirate this! The only way we can make this show available directly to our fans and do it completely uncensored is if we get support from you, The Fighter & The Kid Army. We know nothing is better than free stuff, but please don't torrent this or bootleg it on YouTube. We want to keep doing this show so help us make it a success.

We even made you this heartfelt video.

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When will my t-shirt come?
Your shirt should arrive 1-2 weeks after order.

I bought the t-shirt but how do I view the video?
After you purchased your VIP Package you should have received an email containing a link to start watching the video. If you did not receive this email, please check your SPAM folder or try logging in with your purchase email here.

I need to change my t-shirt size! How do I do it?
Send us an email with your order confirmation number and we'll get your order adjusted right away.

I accidentally ordered the VIP Package twice! How do I cancel one of the orders?
Send us an email with the order confirmation number you want to cancel and we'll refund you.

How long is the show?
Total run time for season one is 155 minutes (including outtakes). Each episode ranges from 5 - 22 minutes.

Can I download the videos?
No, right now the show is streaming only on Downloads make it easier to pirate, which we take very seriously.

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