The Fighter & The Kid 3D

The Fighter & The Kid 3D

It's FINALLY HERE! Stream the ENTIRE 12 EPISODE SEASON of the show with OUTTAKES!

Note: "The Fighter & The Kid 3D" does NOT include "Bryan Callen: Never Grow Up."


The Fighter & The Kid 3D
  • Nude and Scared

    After obsessing over the show “Naked and Afraid,” Bryan and Brendan decide to challenge themselves by being dropped in the wilds of Griffith Park wearing nothing but smiles and a positive attitude. Will they pass the test?

  • Brendan's Replacement

    Life insurance. Health insurance. But how about EMOTIONAL insurance? There's no replacing Big Brown if he dies so the guys put out an ad to find the next best thing.

  • Therapy

    Everyone has their ups and downs, including The Fighter and The Kid. The boys are forced to go to therapy.

  • The Janitor

    Bryan and Brendan give you a terrifying extended preview of their first feature film: "The Janitor.” Brace yourself.

  • Madam Lao

    Bryan takes Brendan to his favorite Chinese restaurant. They get a lot more than egg rolls and fried rice. A whole LOT more.

  • The Audition

    Big Brown gets a huge opportunity to break into Hollywood. But first, Bryan must teach him how to act.

  • Sitcom

    Bryan's biggest dream was always to be the star of a sitcom. He’s finally given what he's always wanted.

  • Just Say No

    Everyone TELLS you why drugs are bad for you. The Fighter and The Kid SHOW you why they are bad for you.

  • Bully

    Bullying is a big problem even for The Fighter and The Kid.

  • Fabulous

    You guys like 80s glam-rock? Check out METAL ZOO! These boys will shred your face.

  • The Apache

    The Fighter and the Kid 3D productions present to you the greatest Western epic saga of our generation: “The Apache”

  • Bryan & Brendan's Guide To Picking Up Any Dude / Girl

    Learn these fail proof techniques with this user friendly instructional video guide.

  • Outtakes

    Blooper reel of footage from the show.